Trial Lawyer


State of Florida v. L.R., 2013

“I was charged with two counts of Attempted Murder and was facing up to 75 years in state prison. Both victims told police I had attacked them and held them prisoner. Mr. Dwyer fought my case and resolved it with probation, which I can terminate after thirty months.”

State of Florida v. R.S., 2013

“Police officers testified that they were eye witnesses to my involvement in cocaine sales and I was charged with two first degree felonies. I went to trial with Grant Dwyer and the jury came back after 30 minutes – Not Guilty.”

State of Florida v. P.M., 2011

The State of Florida had a handwritten letter from P.M., signed and mailed from his jail cell, which violated a Stay Away Order and violated P.M.’s probation for a crime with a life sentence. Grant Dwyer took the case to trial, and despite the handwritten letter, obtained a Not Guilty.

State of Florida v. M.R., 2012

“After a fight I was arrested and charged with Aggravated Battery. The victim testified against me, as did four police officers. Grant Dwyer won the case for me, and I was found Not Guilty.”