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Client Reviews

Excellent attorney! Grant Dwyer represented me and successfully resolved my legal issue. From the beginning, he suggests in detail the best strategy to resolve your case. Grant Dwyer maintains constant communication and guides you throughout the entire process. He’s a personable, trustworthy person that knows the law and vigorously defends you. Highly recommend!!

Julio F.

Extremely satisfied with Mr. Dwyer’s service on my case. He came through big time. Couldn’t have asked for better lawyer representation anywhere in Miami. Definitely got my money’s worth. He’s fair, a straight shooter, knows the law, and is sincere, dependable, personable, and trustworthy. Knows the best coarse of action to take under any circumstance, and how to go about getting the best results. I HIGHLY recommend. You won’t be disappointed.


Grant is a great attorney! I am very happy with his services. He was able to resolve an issue for my associate and I very quickly and smoothly. I highly recommend him if you are looking legal representation!

Alan G.

One of the best responsive and knowledgeable lawyers I highly recommend him.

Ahmed G.

Mr Dwyer is a super lovely guy and definitely the person to hire if you need any Attorney in Miami! He is super responsive and always set's out to get the best outcomes for his clients He has helped my family out massively. Would definitely recommend Mr Dwyers Law firm to anyone.


This is absolutely the best attorney I have ever come across I went to hire Mr.Dwyer for early termination of my federal supervised release he wrote the motion to get me released which was very professionally done. He went to file the motion and unfortunately my case is in South Carolina. Instead of Mr.Dywer charging me to have him appear in South Carolina he recommended me to save money and hire a attorney locally in South Carolina. Which is amazing of him. He also gave me the documents that he took the time to write up when he was thinking I could hire him, free of charge. This is unheard of! Also just to touch back to my past experience of Mr.Dywer. He has already won a case for me to where I wasn't even charged. Was also alot more affordable than what any other attorney's tried to charge.Thanks for the great service Mr.Dwyer


This guy saved my Life, he's a good Lawyer... Matthew 6:33

Brick T.

Mr. Dwyer is a professional hard working compassionate lawyer that efficiently and effectively handles all your legal issues. We are very grateful for his services and highly recommend him.

Brooke R.

Mr. Dwyer Always comes through and educates you on all possible outcomes.Would highly recommend.

Shay D.

Professional, knowledgeable and understanding. I would definitely recommend Mr.Dwyer...

SirThomas B.

El es muy buen abogado, lo conozco desde hace tiempo cuando otro abogado me lo refirió. Cada vez q tengo una duda o necesito algún servicio, si está en sus manos el siempre está dispuesto ayudarme y me ha resuelto varías situaciones. / He’s a very good lawyer, I’ve known him for many yrs when another lawyer referred him to me, every time I need a profesional advice about anything he always respond. Of course like in every business you can’t keep people a 100% satisfied.


I was charged with two counts of Attempted Murder and was facing up to 75 years in state prison. Both victims told police I had attacked them and held them prisoner. Mr. Dwyer fought my case and resolved it with probation, which I can terminate after thirty months.


After a fight I was arrested and charged with Aggravated Battery. The victim testified against me, as did four police officers. Grant Dwyer won the case for me, and I was found Not Guilty.


The State of Florida had a handwritten letter from P.M., signed and mailed from his jail cell, which violated a Stay Away Order and violated P.M.’s probation for a crime with a life sentence. Grant Dwyer took the case to trial, and despite the handwritten letter, obtained a Not Guilty.


Police officers testified that they were eye witnesses to my involvement in cocaine sales and I was charged with two first degree felonies. I went to trial with Grant Dwyer and the jury came back after 30 minutes – Not Guilty.


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