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Insurance Fraud / False Accidents

Florida Insurance fraud refers to a large variety of criminal acts, from misrepresenting small things on an insurance policy to large fraud cases involving arson or theft or fake accidents and injuries. These cases generally involve complex allegations, lots of paperwork, and a large number of co-conspirators or co-defendants.

It’s important that you not speak to anyone if you have been arrested or charged, until you first speak with an experienced attorney. Although these crimes are often non-violent, they are treated seriously by prosecutors who often seek long prison sentences. The Miami Dade State Attorney’s Office has an entire wing dedicated to investigating and prosecuting these cases.

More likely than not, they have already convinced co-defendants to “flip” or testify against you. More likely than not, these people are saying whatever they can to save themselves – at your expense. What you need is a lawyer who knows what he is doing to walk you through this, to help you get the best deal you can get, or to beat your case outright. Don’t settle and don’t wait. Insurance fraud cases can lead to convictions and even after your prison sentence is done, a crime like this on your record can have lasting consequences.

Grant Dwyer is a Miami insurance fraud lawyer who knows these prosecutors and has a track record of successful negotiations to these cases. Don’t delay in contacting him to strategize about your case.

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Client Reviews

Excellent attorney! Grant Dwyer represented me and successfully resolved my legal issue. From the beginning, he suggests in detail the best strategy to resolve your case. Grant Dwyer maintains constant...

Julio F.

Extremely satisfied with Mr. Dwyer’s service on my case. He came through big time. Couldn’t have asked for better lawyer representation anywhere in Miami. Definitely got my money’s worth. He’s fair, a straight...


Grant is a great attorney! I am very happy with his services. He was able to resolve an issue for my associate and I very quickly and smoothly. I highly recommend him if you are looking legal representation!

Alan G.

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