Murder and Attempted Murder

Under Florida law, Murder and Attempted Murder are some of the most serious charges you can face. Your whole life is in the balance. If you or a loved one is facing a potential Murder or Attempted Murder case, it is important to speak with a Miami lawyer right away, and find someone you can trust to handle the case.

Any responsible criminal defense attorney will tell you that cases like these demand an attorney’s entire focus. They often last months, and even years. The Miami Dade State Attorney’s Office will assign their best, most veteran attorneys and allocate as many resources as possible to prove a defendant guilty.

It is important that your defense attorney is doing everything in his power to protect your rights. There are many defenses to Murder in Florida, and each of them needs to be examined carefully.

There are also piles and piles of evidence, or there should be. If the police did their job correctly every detail should be correct. Any human error could mean a Not Guilty verdict. Your lawyer should be examining every document. He should be taking depositions of every witness. Examining the crime scene. Talking to defense witnesses. Meeting with your family. Learning about the circumstances. Learning about the victim. Dealing with Medical Examiners Office. Going over the medical reports.

If your life is on the line, you should have the faith that your attorney is leaving no stone unturned, no defense unexplored. Whether negotiating with the prosecutors for a plea deal that is reasonable or preparing your case for a Not Guilty verdict from the Jury, you can’t afford any mistakes or distractions.

In Grant Dwyer’s first Attempted Murder case, there were two eye-witness victims who gave immediate statements to the police, naming the defendant. There was DNA and blood evidence. The defendant was arrested by a SWAT team in the very place the crime allegedly happened. The weapon was found in the same room. The defendant was facing over seventy years if convicted, but Grant Dwyer investigated the case, wrote legal motions, and got the defendant out of jail on a plea with only five years of probation.

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Murder and Attempted murder are addressed under Florida Statute 782.

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