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Drug Trafficking

Federal drug trafficking deals with the transport of drugs in between different states. Like the state crime, in federal court drug trafficking is considered to be the possession, sale or delivery of a certain group of drugs over a certain weight. Typically the weight is what the government believes is “too much” for personal use. The consequences of being convicted in federal court are harsh and the sentences are stiff.

The federal government has probably used agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency or the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, or even the FBI to investigate you. They have probably already had a Federal Grand Jury indict you. By the time you are taken into custody, much of the case has already been built. You will need a Miami defense attorney to begin working right away. The government is ten steps ahead, but we can catch up.

Whether you are in custody or out, Grant Dwyer Law can represent you on your federal case. We can sift through the evidence, find weaknesses in the government’s case, and determine our path forward.

Federal drug trafficking is a serious crime that can have a life-long effect on you and your loved ones. Much of how your case proceeds will depend on how you score out on the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. This, in turn, is based on a variety of factors that include your priors, the allegations in this case, and your level of cooperation. For information on how to proceed with your case, what your score is, and what the best next step is, contact Grant Dwyer, an experienced Miami Federal Drug Trafficking Attorney. We will protect your rights and do everything we can to secure your freedom. We won’t stop fighting for you.

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