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Cannabis Trafficking

According to the law in Florida, Cannabis Trafficking or Marijuana trafficking is the possession or sale or delivery of cannabis above a specific amount. The penalties in Florida can be very harsh for cannabis trafficking crimes and can range anywhere from a mandatory three years in state prison up to a life sentence, depending on the weight of the cannabis the police seize. It does not need to be pure cannabis, as even a one percent admixture is enough to classify the substance as cannabis. Because of this, it is crucial that you speak with a Miami criminal defense attorney as soon as you or your loved one has been arrested. It might be possible to convince the State Attorney’s Office to charge your case as a possession case or a sales case – and avoid the mandatory minimum sentence. Anything to avoid the trafficking charge.

A mandatory minimum sentence means that not even the judge can give you less time. Everything depends on negotiation with the State Attorney. You will need someone who knows these prosecutors, who works with them every day, and who can call them immediately upon beginning the case. If your future depends on it, you don’t want to take any risks. The Miami State Attorney’s Office has a special Narcotics Division and your defense attorney should meet with them at once. The police will be sending the drugs out to a laboratory for testing, but this process can takes weeks and even months. Get your lawyer talking to the prosecutors before these results come in. The police will then schedule what is called a “Pre File Conference” to meet with the prosecutors face to face. Get your side of the story in front of the prosecutors before the police meet with them. Time is of the essence.

Every case has good facts and every defendant deserves a lawyer who will fight for him. In our experience, Cannabis Trafficking cases can be some of the hardest for defendants to face. They likely have a Nebbia hold, which means it is difficult to post an already high bond, and they end up sitting in jail waiting. This doesn’t have to be the case.

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Cannabis trafficking is dealt with under Florida Statute 893.135.