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Health Care Fraud / Medicare Fraud

Federal investigators in Miami are focusing more and more on Medicare costs and health care costs and stamping out fraud. This means they are looking more closely at health care providers and medical billing services, especially in Miami and Florida, with a large population of the retired.

Any errors or mistakes in billing or organizing Medicaid accounts can lead to professionals, such as doctors and caregivers and billing personnel being charged with federal crimes.

It is the Office of the Inspector General who investigates fraud, along with the Health Department's Office of Medicaid Management and other federal agencies.

There are different types of crimes investigated:

Medicare Recipient Fraud in Miami, such as providing false information applications, creating false prescriptions, selling or reselling benefits, or knowingly receiving excessive or unnecessary services.

Medicare Provider Fraud in Miami, such as billing for services not provided, administering unnecessary services or care, billing Medicaid and private insurance for the same care, billing for unlicensed care, engaging in kickbacks.

These are all serious federal crimes and defendants do real time in federal detention upon conviction. Before you were taken into custody, it is likely the U.S. Government opened an investigation, using federal agents, using cooperating witnesses and confidential informants. Often a federal grand jury has already indicted you and there is a search warrant and an arrest warrant signed by a federal judge. The government is ten steps ahead. You need your lawyer to catch you up.

If you are facing such a charge, it is important you speak with an experienced Miami federal defense attorney at once to strategize the best way forward on your case.

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